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Hand-Talk Glove: Bridging Communication Gap

From Problem Identification to Entrepreneurial Success: The Story of Team Saksham's Journey to Develop a Novel Sign Language Converter

Hand-Talk Glove: Bridging Communication Gap

Team Saksham, consisting of Himay Shah and Disha Bansal, guided by Johny Abraham as ATL In-Charge, has innovated upon a groundbreaking product called “Saksham,” which converts sign language into speech. This innovation is a significant milestone in the realm of assistive technologies for people with speech or hearing impairment.

Sign language can be a challenging mode of communication for many people, even those who are not hearing impaired. Understanding and interpreting sign language require specialized skills, making it difficult for people with speech and hearing impairment to communicate with others effectively. To overcome this challenge, the team paid visits to several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that support the deaf and hearing-impaired section of society to understand the various problems and challenges they face.

After several stages of discussion and research, Team Saksham set their objectives and decided to create a handtalk glove that could identify sign language and convert it into text. The product is a portable and hand-fitted device with a display section that operates on a 9-volt battery and is ergonomically designed to be easy to implement for the end-user. Saksham interprets electronic signals prescribed for various alphabets used in sign language while being performed by hand and processes the same into text to create a coherent communication platform that aids people with speech or hearing impairment.

Saksham is a novel and groundbreaking product since there are no similar products available in the market. This makes Team Saksham the first proposed “start-up” in this field. The team’s cost vision is to bring the product to market with a lower profit margin. The cost of creating a single glove is $31.5, but when the products are purchased wholesale, the cost of production drops to $28.30.

The product is not only cost-effective but also has the potential to revolutionize the lives of people with speech or hearing impairment. Saksham, the hand-talk glove, will enable them to communicate effectively and learn various subjects. The product will also assist them in performing daily activities, making their lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

Hand-Talk Glove: Bridging Communication Gap

According to Team Saksham, participating in the ATL Marathon was an experience like no other. They developed a better understanding of how to deal with opposing viewpoints and ideas through competitions. Through their innovation, they have significantly improved the ability to control subjectivity in the daily lives of people with speech and hearing impairment. On an individual level, the team members have improved their risk assessment and evaluation skills, helping them to be more creative, learn valuable lessons, and challenge themselves to do things they had never believed they could do.

Team Saksham is a social entrepreneur who believes that engaging in this practice has helped them find a life purpose and assist others in finding theirs while making a difference in the world. The team is prepared to take a chance and put out the effort necessary to have a beneficial impact on society through their endeavors.

In conclusion, Team Saksham has developed a groundbreaking product that has the potential to change the lives of people with speech or hearing impairment. Their innovation is a significant step in the development of assistive technologies and can significantly improve the quality of life for many people. The team’s passion, dedication, and commitment to making a positive impact on society are commendable, and their efforts should be recognized and supported.

Team Name: Saksham

Team Members: Himay Shah and Disha Bansal

Mentor: Johny Abraham

School: Anand Niketan, Maninagar, Ahmedabad, Gujrat


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