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Transforming Rural India through Practical Education with Zero2Maker Framework

“We believe that it is possible to create thousands of entrepreneurs tomorrow by instilling an entrepreneurship mindset and skill set in children today. We apply the framework developed by Prof. Rajesh Nair to create transformation in individuals and the community. His research experiments at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Asia School of Business have shown that innovators and entrepreneurs can be nurtured by the general population. This framework to prepare pre-entrepreneurs, who are ready to take on their next steps in solution creation and venture building, has been applied in more than fifty workshops in seven countries reaching more than two thousand participants.” Says Rajesh Nair.

“A nurturing ecosystem exposes the community to new ideas, encourages them to try things, supports them when things fail, and inspires them to reach higher. New members join and the group grows and stays sustainable.”

PROF. RAJESH NAIR, Founder of Zero2Maker.

How Ecosystem Development changes the community?​

It takes an ecosystem to raise future innovators and entrepreneurs. An Ecosystem that consists of a Community (mentors and peers), Resources (tools and materials), and Place (space to meet).  amplifies the effect of collective learning, and it attracts new members helping it grow and stay sustainable.

Zero2Maker, Mysore

Zero2Maker, Mysore July 2019 – January 2020
Experiential learning to the teachers and students of selected government schools of Mysore to transform budding students into skilled technopreneurs and prepare them for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0).

To encourage and empower children and young students with life useful skills and promote entrepreneurship culture among youth education in identified seven rural schools of Mysore, Karnataka.
1. To provide a framework for an experiential learning environment in schools.
2. To promote the development of personal qualities that are relevant to entrepreneurship, such as creativity, the spirit of initiative, risk-taking, and responsibility.
3. To stimulate entrepreneurial attitude, skills, and knowledge to help children and young students unleash their entrepreneurial potential.
1. Varuna GHS,
2. Puttegowdanahundi GHS,
3. Hootagali GHS,
4. Gungralchatra GHS,
5. Kallurunagahalli GHS,
6. DMG Halli GHS,
7. Hanchya GHS


Dhruv Saidava
Dhruv is an educator and traveler working with a goal to reach 1 million students to create changemakers. He started Tinkering India Initiative to reach students across India to create awareness and provide opportunities so like-minded students can create a community to help each other in learning.


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