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It is a rare chance that a team participating in the ATL would
change its idea and roll back an ongoing project to prepare
another. But owing to a strange turnout of events, Sanjay G,
Gowtham, and Harsith Priyan S of the team Developers Crazy
while trying to transfer a document from one computer to
another during the ATL realized how cumbersome the
the process would eventually become. They had forgotten
to bring their pen drives and had to transfer files using
Gmail even though there are a lot of protocols like FTP (File
Transfer Protocol) and SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol),
yet they could not utilize the same as their corresponding
peer did not have access to the same. So, we had to use our
credentials one of the team members had to log in to his
personal Gmail account.

File transfer protocol is a way to download, upload,
and transfer files from one peer to another over the
Internet and between computer systems. PFTP allows
you to move files back and forth between computers
or via the cloud. Users need an internet connection to
enable PFTP transfers. Technology has evolved and
there are a lot of devices to enable such protocols,
but there are no protocols that can be used by less
technically qualified people who wish to transfer files.
A useful protocol that eases out the process of local transfer
of files from one peer to another without the use of any login or credentials or any physical device would be a better
solution to this problem, they thought. They unanimously
thought of creating a new project based on the very
concept. After working at length to seek a solution, the team
discovered a socket that allows computers to communicate
over the local network. Using the socket, they made simple
changes and modified the files being transferred using
encryption from the peer end, and incorporated WhatsApp
with similar encryption to securely transfer files without
data leakage or data theft.
The team instantly found the solution to be reliable and
secure and not at all like the many complicated protocols
and applications which are not comprehensible by the
common lot. They introduced a simple user interface so
that even someone with limited knowledge of technology
can use the Panda File Transfer Protocol easily. The security
feature embedded in the protocol also plays an important
role because it makes the transfer of encrypted files using
the Internet is safer and way more secure.
Many similar processors available in the Play Store are now
banned by the Government of India owing to the security
threats involved. Panda File Transfer Protocol is completely
transparent and uses a built-in socket that does not require
any evidence and is useful for transferring files locally. Not
only does the socket facilitate communication with other
peer computers on the local network, but it also utilizes the
simple changes introduced into the Protocol to convert files
on the lines of WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption.
Reflecting upon their ATL Marathon 2019 journey and the
insightful inspirations they gathered during the tenure, the
team quotes, “Participating in this competition was a great
experience for us. We learned a lot about the process and
tact that enables you to take your product to the next level.
Participating and presenting our ideas on such a coveted
platform helped us to discover the actual potential and
value of our idea.”

Amrita Vidyalayam
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Sanjay G, Gowtham
and Harsith Priyan S

Santhosh kumar

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