This Team Built an App to Bridge the Communication Gap Between the Hearing-Impaired Community and You – Check It Out Now!

ByteX is a team of three innovative and creative students from Bal Bharti Public School in New Delhi, India. Their mission is to bridge the communication gap between the hearing-impaired community and the common people.

The team developed the Sign Language Translator app, which uses a combination of computer-aided vision, customized natural language processing, and accurate translation of American Sign Language. The app is designed to enable users to communicate more effectively on a personal and social level, fostering better collaborations and the exchange of ideas.

The app is easy to install on any smartphone and offers features such as live captioning videos using ASL and enabling sign language as a form of input in smart devices. These features make it possible for people to communicate with those who are hearing-impaired, which was not feasible before.

ByteX aims to scale up its app by seeking investment from a benefactor corporate or investor. They plan to add advanced machine-learning models to create a more futuristic version of the app. The team is keen to receive guidance from a panel of ASL language experts to enhance app features, create dialogue, and build a sign bank to enrich the app’s vocabulary.

In addition to developing the app, ByteX is also focused on building a community to bridge the communication gap and help people as much as possible. They plan to collaborate with NGOs, social organizations, and schools for the deaf to promote their app and run social media campaigns to sensitize the masses towards the hearing-impaired community.

ByteX is now fully engaged in the process of developing a more advanced and feature-laden app. They plan to add more servers to improve the app’s performance, add more languages to the app, and work on user feedback to enhance their experience. The team is committed to bridging the communication gap and helping those in need, and they are open to suggestions to achieve their goal.

ByteX’s innovative app is a testament to its dedication and passion for solving real-world problems. Their efforts are not only beneficial for the hearing-impaired community but also for society at large. With its focus on innovation and collaboration, ByteX is on the path to creating a brighter future for all.

Bal Bharati Public School
Pitam Pura, North West Delhi, New Delhi

Satyam Ohlan, Nabh Garg
and Aryan Mediratta

Namrata Alwadhi


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