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Revolutionizing Education to the ‘Next Level’

Sagar Tanwar, Hatshita Tanwar, and Harshit Tanwar are a trio of students from Golaya Progressive Public School in Palwal, Haryana, who recognized the critical need for quality education during the COVID-19 pandemic. Witnessing the challenges faced by teachers and students alike, they sought to revolutionize the education system by providing modern tools and methodologies to support teachers and enhance the learning experience for students.

Sagar Tanwar, Hatshita Tanwar, and Harshit Tanwar

Their goal was to empower teachers by providing them with smart classrooms and digital course content that could help them deliver more engaging and interactive lessons to their students. They recognized that the quality of teaching is critical to keeping students engaged and motivated to learn, and so they aimed to provide teachers with the training and support needed to keep their skills up-to-date.

In order to achieve this, the team developed an interactive study table with advanced features that could help solve common problems faced by students in school. The system includes a simple interactive screen and a buzzer button to enhance student participation, as well as a mini DC motor desk fan that runs on very low voltage. The system is powered by AI software that automatically manages all student records and prepares their report cards, allowing teachers to upload lesson plans and provide customized homework to students based on their performance.

The team used self-learning algorithms to program all these features, ensuring that the system would be adaptive and responsive to the needs of individual students. The software can analyze student data and provide homework accordingly, ensuring that both strong and weak students receive appropriate assignments that help them progress in their learning journey.

To make the system even more accessible, the team ensured that the software could be accessed both on school servers and on the cloud. This meant that absent students could still benefit from the system and have their details uploaded automatically, ensuring that they did not fall behind in their studies.

Overall, the team aimed to revolutionize the education system by empowering teachers and providing students with a more engaging and interactive learning experience. Their innovative approach to education holds great promise for the future, as we continue to navigate the challenges of the pandemic and beyond.

TEAM MEMBERS: Sagar Tanwar, Hatshita Tanwar
and Harshit Tanwar
ATL IN-CHARGE: Priyanka Gaur




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