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Revolutionize Your School Attendance System with this Game-Changing Automation!

Samarth Pandey (Right) and J Monish (Left) with ATL In-Charge Hirak Biswas

As time progresses and technology advances, every sphere of life undergoes significant changes for the better. Offices and organizations no longer rely on manual record-keeping or attendance tracking. With fingerprint recognition and face recognition systems, the process has become more manageable and accurate. However, schools and educational institutes still use manual attendance systems, which can lead to errors in data entry and affect students’ total attendance percentage.

To address this issue, Samarth Pandey and J Monish developed an Artificial Intelligence-based “Face Recognition-based Attendance System” as their participation project in the ATL Marathon. This project uses face recognition technology and can replace the time-consuming manual attendance system. When students enter the class and take their seats, the system automatically records their attendance, which is stored in the central server. Parents receive a message informing them about their child’s presence or absence in the school compound.

The team consulted their mentor, Mr. Hirak Biswas, about the feasibility of the concept and developed a prototype design. The prototype was created using Raspberry Pi, a camera, and a computer system. The students’ faces are scanned, and the data is stored in a database. The system is trained using special algorithms, and when students enter the classroom, their faces are scanned and matched with the registered database, and their attendance is automatically marked.

The team plans to install the prototype in their school to test its efficacy and quality. They intend to scale up the project by installing the devices on other school campuses and patenting their idea. The facial recognition-based attendance system offers multiple benefits, including increased safety and security, reduced human intervention and effort, easy storage and retrieval of data, and prompt feedback to parents, all within a single framework. This technology can revolutionize the traditional attendance system and increase efficiency and accuracy in schools and educational institutes.

D B M S English School, East Singhbhum, Jharkhand

Samarth Pandey and J Monish
Hirak Biswas




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