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Revolutionary Young Innovators from Karnataka are on a Mission to Provide Clean Water, Air and Food for Everyone! Discover their Nobel Vision Now!

Team A.S.A’s Clean Vegetation project aims to provide clean water, air, and food for everyone. To achieve this objective, the team, led by their mentor Tanuja Bai JM, conducted extensive research on the subject and developed a novel model that focuses on recycling water resources, energy consumption and production, organic waste recycling, incremental food production, new landscape opportunities, utilizing unemployed labour, and using waste streams to meet energy needs.

Their efforts resulted in the creation of the AQUAPONICS TO CLEAN WATER AND AIR Solution, a self-sustained model that utilizes a tank and tray construction made of cement and a metal stand to hold the tray, motor and pipeline connection, soil compost, organic seeds, bacteria, and fish for growing and fishing. This model provides a constant supply of food to the user while also cleaning and purifying wastewater to make it suitable for agro use. The bacteria content and use of nitrogen in the process act as CO2-eliminating agents, thereby enhancing air quality.

Shreya M.S, Aastha. V. Raikar with ATL Incharge Tanuja Bai J. M

This system requires 90 percent less water than normal agriculture and has the additional advantages of no weeds, fewer pests, and no watering, fertilizing, bending, digging, or heavy lifting. The project is inspired by the rising costs of food, undesirable genetic modifications of produce, indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in growing processes, and the growing shortage of clean agricultural land that has not been contaminated by excessive fertilizer use and other pollutants.

The project addresses significant issues of food and water scarcity and also resolves the financial crisis faced by the underprivileged. As it supports fishing with organic growth of vegetables, herbs, and fruits, it also provides a sustainable revenue model for the user.

The team successfully implemented their idea by creating a sample piece that proved its worth and long-term workability. The investment made in this model can benefit families by providing a source of food and income. With minor modifications, this model can be scaled up and implemented on larger portions of land. If this objective is realized, it will become a wonderful innovation that helps resolve major issues related to food and water scarcity and provide financial stability.

The portable tank model can be implemented at a low cost of just 10,000 per model, which can have a water capacity of 25 litres and a growth tray size of 5×8 feet.

Basaveshwara International Public School (CBSE) Vidyagiri, Bagalkot, Karnataka

Shreya M.S, Aastha. V. Raikar and Sidharth
Tanuja Bai J. M

Source: https://aim.gov.in/pdf/ingenious-tinkerers.pdf

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