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Welcome to Our Kids’ Tinkering Modules!

Explore our specially curated educational modules designed to ignite creativity and introduce young minds to the world of digital fabrication and electronics. Each module combines fun, learning, and hands-on activities suited for children.

Module Descriptions:

  1. Exploring Circuits through Play: This module provides children with interactive kits that include all necessary components along with colorful, easy-to-follow guidebooks to kick-start their journey into electronics.
  2. Breadboard Adventures: Children will learn to assemble circuits on breadboards through engaging step-by-step visual guides and video tutorials, complete with simple troubleshooting tips.
  3. Beginning with Arduino: Tailored for young learners, this module introduces the basics of Arduino programming through captivating, project-based activities that encourage exploration and creativity.

    For above three module we have 1-30 Challenges which Cover Basics of Arduino and Circuits Click to Access Google Slide Presentation
  4. Sensor Exploration: Through hands-on experiments, this module helps children discover how various sensors—like those for temperature, motion, and light—operate, using real-world applications.
  5. Playing with Outputs: Interactive projects teach children how to use LEDs, speakers, and motors, transforming abstract concepts into exciting, tangible results.
  6. Advanced Interactions: This module challenges children to combine multiple sensors and outputs, creating their own sophisticated interactive systems.
  7. Wireless Wonders: Introduces the essentials of wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth and ESP8266, encouraging children to develop practical projects that showcase wireless interactions.
  8. Discovering Microcontrollers: Through hands-on activities, children compare different microcontrollers like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, understanding their unique applications and capabilities.
  9. Crafting in 2D: Children are guided through using software for creating 2D designs, tailored specifically for projects involving laser cutting and vinyl cutting.
  10. Modeling in 3D: This module introduces basic 3D modeling skills using CAD software, preparing children to design and visualize their own creations for 3D printing.
  11. The Magic of 3D Printing: Kids learn the exciting process of 3D printing, from material selection to printer maintenance, all while emphasizing safety and creativity.
  12. Creative Minds at Work: This workshop module enhances creativity and problem-solving skills, teaching effective brainstorming techniques through engaging, collaborative activities.
  13. Introduction to Design Thinking: Simplified for children, this module teaches the five stages of design thinking with practical, real-life applications to foster empathy and iterative learning.
  14. First Steps in Prototyping: Guides children in creating simple prototypes using materials like cardboard and foam, which help understand basic construction and design principles.
  15. Advanced Building Techniques: Introduces older children to more complex methods such as molding, casting, and CNC machining, with projects tailored for advanced learners.
  16. Coding for Kids: Utilizes visually engaging, block-based coding platforms to teach fundamental programming concepts, making learning both fun and educational.
  17. Data Adventures: Explores simple data structures and basic algorithms through interactive coding projects, helping children understand how data can be manipulated and used.
  18. IoT for Young Innovators: Demystifies the Internet of Things (IoT) with simple, engaging projects that connect everyday objects to the internet.
  19. AI Explorations: Offers an accessible introduction to AI principles and applications, enabling children to experiment with simple machine learning models.
  20. Solving the Puzzle: Focuses on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, essential for diagnosing and fixing issues in projects.

Each module is crafted to foster curiosity, innovation, and a deep understanding of technology in a supportive, engaging environment. Our aim is to prepare children not just for the digital age, but to think like innovators and problem-solvers in every aspect of their lives. Modules are designed by Dhruv Saidava on his decade of experience of working with kids and makerspaces

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