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Introducing Anemoi-Air Quality Monitoring and Purifying System by Tanvi & Parinitha from Hebbal

Three bright students from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Hebbal, Bengaluru, namely Tanvi Hiremath, Abhishek Tomar, and Parinitha S., have come up with a revolutionary idea to combat the issue of poor air quality. The trio created the Anemoi-Air Quality Monitoring and Purifying System that not only detects air quality but also purifies it and increases oxygen content.

Tanvi Hiremath and Parinitha S

The system is comprised of three parts: an air quality monitor, an air cleaner, and an oxygen generator. The air quality monitor notifies users via an alarm lamp and social media updates if the air quality drops below a suitable level. The air cleaner eliminates 93% of viruses, bacteria, and other unwanted substances, while the oxygen generator uses hydrolysis to address the lack of oxygen that can lead to suffocation and other respiratory discomforts.

The team’s mentor, Mrs. Nisha M. Mohan, helped them refine their idea through numerous brainstorming sessions. The result is an affordable and innovative product that costs only 4000 Rupees and provides triple benefits to consumers. The team is now working to turn their idea into an actual product that everyone can use.

The team is conducting phased experiments to evaluate the efficiency and accuracy of the product. Although the ongoing pandemic has limited their ability to conduct frequent trials, they are exploring alternative ways to test the system’s effectiveness. Additionally, the team has created a logo for their product, and Uniwheel is working on building its brand image.

The team believes that their model has a high chance of succeeding in the market because it addresses the most pressing problem of air pollution in a more advanced manner than its competitors. They are also working to change people’s attitudes toward air pollution-related illnesses and encourage wider acceptance of the system. They plan to develop different models based on user needs, if necessary, and make comparison charts to examine targets and make changes and additions accordingly.

Overall, the team’s dedication and hard work, combined with the support of their mentors, school, parents, and peers, have driven them to develop an indigenous MADE IN INDIA marvel that can benefit everyone.

Tanvi Hiremath and Parinitha S
Nisha M. Mohan

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