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Gujarat STEM Quiz

The Gujarat STEM-Quiz is a unique activity that combines education, fun and competition. It has been designed keeping in mind to inculcate informal science learning. While it is competitive in nature, it also adds significant educational value to each student’s STEM education.
The quiz is more inclusive, as students from all across state can participate irrespective of location, board, medium of education or gender
The vision of Gujarat STEM-Quiz is to provide an intensified impetus towards STEM enthusiasm in students. It will improve and promote participation, knowledge and awareness on STEM in students of the State.
The format of the questions will be such that it will encourage an understanding of STEM in the students. It aims to make the students more vigilant for the STEM based understanding to make them a better citizen enlightened with a vision of Clean, Green and Sustainable Development activities.
The Gujarat STEM Quiz is envisioned to be a yearly activity which will enroll and motivate students from class 9 to 12 to participate, learn and enjoy the fun and excitement.

Subject/ Syllabus
The question will be based on current trends of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Mostly the questions will of the level of secondary and higher secondary school standard.

Question Bank

Entry and Eligibility
Students from IX to XII Standard from any boards or medium can participate in the Quiz.

There will be no registration fees.

Students will be encouraged to apply on the GUJCOST/ DST, Government of Guajrat website linked to an online portal with the following fields:

Registration Link:

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Dhruv Saidava
Dhruv is an educator and traveler working with a goal to reach 1 million students to create changemakers. He started Tinkering India Initiative to reach students across India to create awareness and provide opportunities so like-minded students can create a community to help each other in learning.


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