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Tinkering India is an initiative designed to promote hands-on learning and innovation among students through STEM activities and practical education.
We offer a range of workshops and resources that can be seamlessly integrated into existing school curriculums, focusing on enhancing practical skills and problem-solving abilities.
Our programs are designed for students of various age groups, typically ranging from primary school to high school.
We offer workshops on topics like digital fabrication, robotics, Arduino, AI, and various maker activities aimed at fostering creativity and innovation.
Educators can enroll their students by visiting our website and registering for upcoming workshops and bootcamps. Specific instructions and requirements are provided for each program.
We provide comprehensive teaching materials, guides, and support to help educators effectively implement tinkering activities in their classrooms.
Yes, we offer consulting services to help schools set up their own tinkering labs, including advice on equipment, curriculum integration, and training for educators.
We offer ongoing support through our team of experts, online resources, and community forums where educators can share experiences and ask questions.
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