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Celebration of ATAL Tinkering Day 2023 across India in ATLs.

As Atal Innovation Mission has already been crossed making 10000+ Atal Tinkering Labs in India this is going to be so exciting to celebrate ATAL Tinkering Day 2023.

5800+ mentors,
5000+ hours of mentoring,
75 lakh+ students,
1 mission: To keep the spirit of tinkering alive and thriving!

This will engage more than 7 lakhs students across India in tinkering activities. and more than 5000 Mentors will be participating to make it happen.

We at Tinkering India would also celebrate by launching an online session series specially designed for Atal Tinkering Labs to foster the learning of digital fabrication among students.

We would share our Digital Fabrication session on the Youtube Channel of Tinkering India. https://youtube.com/tinkeringindia

Upcoming sessions
– Making a Digital Portfolio using HTML
– Learn How to Learn – CAD
– Learn How to Learn – Coding
– Learn How to Learn – Arduino Circuits
– Learn How to Learn – Sensors
– Learn How to Learn – Prototyping
– Learn How to Learn – 3D Printing
– Learn How to Learn – Google Search

Let’s Celebrate Tinkering across India and support Atal Tinkering Labs to foster Innovation and Entrepreneurship among young minds.

Video launched by Atal Innovation Mission on this occasion.


Photos from the first Atal Tinkering Day Celebration in 2016.

Dhruv Saidavahttp://dhruv.saidava.com
Dhruv is an educator and traveler working with a goal to reach 1 million students to create changemakers. He started Tinkering India Initiative to reach students across India to create awareness and provide opportunities so like-minded students can create a community to help each other in learning.


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