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Smart Wristband To Monitor Elderly and Disabled

Smart Wristband To Monitor Elderly and Disabled made by Hemesh Chadalavada. He studies in Jubilee Hills Public School Hyderabad, Telangana State

Every 30 seconds a person in the world suffers from Alzheimer’s. Patients suffering from this disease don’t have control over their bodies.

Himesh’s Grandmother was one amongst many who were suffering from Alzheimer’s. She used to wander from place to place at abnormal timings without the notice of the caregiver. She used to cause a lot of accidents at home. So Hemesh created a Smart Wristband To Monitor Elderly and Disabled. This device is worn by the Alzheimer’s Patient and a Mobile App needs to be downloaded by the caregiver and Doctor. The Wristband monitor’s Health Status of the patient such as Body Movements, Pulse, BP, Body Temperature. If the patient gets out of his/her’s bed and starts wandering or, if the patient has any abnormal Health Conditions, an alert is automatically sent to the caregiver and the doctor. The Mobile App displays the Health status of the patient. 
The Pulse, Movements, Temperature and BP are automatically sent to the doctor as Daily Reports via SMS. A camera also monitors the patient and Detects any falls on the ground. There is also a Medicine Reminder which reminds the patient to take medication. This device is useful for the Elderly and Disabled.

He also presented this prototype at the national showcase with top 50 projects under Ideate for India at Delhi, Powered by Intel and Launched by Digital India & IRIS National Fair at Bangalore.


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